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Referring to various needs of social welfare agencies, United Way of Taiwan(UWT) has developed two types of charity schemes, which are “standard application” and "featured program--Love Link", to offer customized consultation and adequate subsidy. UWT sees the bottlenecks in the operations of small and medium size social welfare agencies. With limited resources and human power, these social welfare agencies can focus only on serving social case individuals, but fail to change the environments, such as their families and communities, that have far-reaching impact. “Love Link” program was therefore launched to solve this problem. We invite social welfare agencies to propose three-year social service vision with detailed plans, and support the plans by long-term and stable resources. We encourage them to build social network resource in local community and develop stimulating and creative social service to solve problems from root cause.More



Does our kindness help exactly those in need? In fact, to make each penny of greatest use is much more difficult than fundraising! To achieve “1+1>2,” we need not only kindness, but also professional support to do good things right. United Way of Taiwan, positioned as a professional manager of donations, collects kindness to help social welfare agencies through professional audit system and build common good of society. We invite you to be our partner in charity, supporting more than 16 different kinds of vulnerable groups in Taiwan. We give equal opportunities to every one of those in need. Donate

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