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About Us

Mission / Vision / History

  • Common Good

    Together with corporates, nonprofits, governments, and the general public, United Way of Taiwan(UWT) looks for effective solutions with regard to urgent issues in Taiwan and to achieve the common good of Taiwan as a philanthropic society.
  • Give Advocate Volunteer

    Through promoting “Give”, “Advocate”, and “Volunteer”, United Way of Taiwan(UWT) will mobilizes people with good will to join philanthropic actions, focuses on building blocks of quality of life, improves life of the disadvantaged, and promotes social equality.
  • team United Way

    In 1988, "warm magazine charity fraud" caused the public to reduce their donations. Director of Taipei Social Affairs Bureau Mr. Bai Xiu-Xiong then convened social science professors and introduced "united way" which has long developed in Europe the US to use social welfare resource effectively by transparent fundraising mechanism and rational allocation.

    "United Way of Taiwan" was established on October 17, 1992 with two major concepts:
    1、 Effective supervision of donation usage;
    2、 Financial support to small and medium-sized social welfare agencies that facilitates social service.

United Way OF Taiwan Organizational Chart