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Our Work

We solicit resources from the public, focus on social issues, explore what the disadvantaged need, and find the best solution to improve their lives.


  • UWT raises money and in kind-donations from the public and corporations through diversified channels and communications, allocating these resources well to small and medium social welfare groups, which have difficulties in raising funds. Together we improve the lives of those in need and ensure the quality and effectiveness of social service. We make every dollar spent of greatest use. If any catastrophe occurs, we will first mobilize more than 300 charities to analyze disaster relief needs and evaluate existing disaster relief resources from the government and public, in order to determine the amount of resources we must invest in to fill the gap. This way we ensure that each penny is fully utilized without redundancy.

    UWT will always support the development of local social welfare agencies by addressing the needs of different vulnerable groups.

  • Our role is to supplement social welfare resources which the government fails to provide. Working with social welfare agencies in different fields, our efforts on creating innovative social welfare service have made a significant impact on government policy.

    In addition, we devote to initiate charity legislation and self-regulation. In 1994 we pushed forward the enactment of Charity Donations Destined For Social Welfare Funds Implementation Regulations, and founded “Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance” with 30 leading social welfare groups; We successfully made the requirements, usage and supervision of charity fundraising under legislation and regulation, meanwhile led social welfare agencies to spontaneously disclose finance information with accountability, building a public fundraising mechanism with full transparency.

  • With the vision of reaching common good of society, we organize three volunteer teams:
    1.Professional volunteers who are from social welfare, law, accounting, business management, and other professional fields to assess and audit projects;
    2. Corporate volunteers who offer services matching by United Way of Taiwan to different needs of charities. Besides balancing supply and demand, we also cultivate citizen consciousness for corporate volunteers; 3. Private volunteers who offer their own skills in leisure time to advance our work.

The Process of Assessment, Supervision and Audit

With the core of kindness, fairness, prudence and transparency, UWT has established a systematic process of assessment, supervision, and audit. The system not only upholds donors’rights to strictly track the usage of donations but also offers professional consultations to social welfare agency partners.

The nearly 200 volunteers from various professional fields are the promoters to stabilize and improve this system. The “Assessment Committee” and “Review Committee” consisted by the professional volunteers are the pillars that enable donations to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Benevolence Waystation

In 2008, in order to avoid over-concentration of material donations to some particular charities, UWT established a long-term material donation platform – Benevolence Waystation, with the support of our first partner Johnson & Johnson. The goal of this platform is to balance supply from donating corporations and material demand of social welfare agencies with a stable and effective model.

Operation process is as follows: Firstly, corporations list their donating products, mostly living goods such as diapers, milk powder, salad oil, sanitary napkins and canned corn; UWT surveys and matches the material demand of social welfare agencies accordingly. After supply and demand are matched, our logistics partners HCT Logistics and KERRY TJ deliver these materials to charities by season. Benevolence Waystation synergizes business core capacities with UWT social welfare networks.

Companies could donate without regard of waste, and social welfare agencies could have less procurement pressure on living goods, in turn invest saved funds in better social service. Welcome to contact us and be our partner in Benevloence Waystation!